Dear Ride Operator at Six Flags

To the ride operator at Six Flags,

I’m sure you were just doing your job, so maybe this letter shouldn’t even be for you.  I came into Six Flags today, full of joy and expectation.  I waited in line patiently like everyone else for my turn to ride the rollercoaster.  But when I arrived at the entrance you asked me about what I was wearing, and nearly didn’t let me on the ride.

Let me explain, I was wear a one piece bathing suit, that looked like a flower print tank on top with a black skirt on the bottom.  I pulled on a pair of jean shorts over top of it, so I looked like many of the other girls that were in the park, only more covered than many of the other girls in the park.  And when I went to board the ride, you asked if I was wearing a swimsuit.  I gave you a funny look, and you told me I had to put a shirt on over top of it because swimsuit aren’t allowed in the park.  Two cars in front of me, a woman in only a green colored bra and shorts had already boarded, yet you had said nothing to her.

So here is what I’m wondering, why?  Why me and not her?  I traveled around the park for the rest of the day ready with a plethora of arguments to take on anyone who dared speak to me about my dress.  If swimsuits aren’t allowed in the park, were you planning on making all the men in their swim trunks change?  And all the girls in tankinis in line, whose tops hang loose and look like regular tanks, would they have to change?  Or is the purpose behind the message that you don’t want women dressed up in bikinis or men without shirts running around?  And if that is the case, why don’t you put up a sign that says that instead of “no swimsuits” that only has a picture of a shirt and a bikini?  And why would you say anything to me, who was completely decent and covered?  But I never got to use them, because no one else said a word to me.

It left a bad taste in my mouth, and I chalk it up to the beginning of the day, or you were new, or were just “following the rules.”  But it makes me wonder, why?  Because she was more well-endowed then me, more beautiful than me, scarier than me?  Or is it really just, “no swimsuits allowed.”  Either way, I would kindly request consistency.  Either it is no swimsuits (because you have something against all swimsuits apparently) and make everyone follow that rule or be decent (and cover up yourself!) and make everyone follow that rule.  And then, make sure all the staff know the boundary line; because you obviously saw it one way while others saw it differently.

But again, maybe this letter shouldn’t be to you ride operator.  You made sure I was safe on the roller coaster and I appreciate the work you do for little pay in the hot sun.  Maybe this is for the writer and enforcer of the rules…don’t make a rule that you don’t intend to follow through.


A Clothed Customer