The Bible Women’s Project

What a blessing it is to be part of a revolutionary piece that has the opportunity to redefine how we connect with one another. Don’t let the name stop you from reading; please just give me a chance to explain, or at least take a few minutes to watch the video. This piece so delicately weaves the stories of women from the Bible with the stories of women in our current day and age. There is no agenda here. No one is going to beat you over the head with a Bible and demand that you convert to Christianity. That isn’t even what I believe the love of Christ is about. Instead, there is a recognition that there are so many people out there; people who need to be loved and simply to be heard. This beautiful piece gives voice to those who are forgotten, feel alone, and confused. It strives to be a safe place where taboo subjects like suicide, incest and homosexuality are discussed in a manner that shows the true love of Christ. Sometimes, there are no answers. Sometimes there are simply many stories.

I began this journey in October 2014, meeting with other women to discuss the stories of women in the Bible. We recognized many of the women in the Bible in the stories from our own lives. We became a family, listening to stories that were finally being spoken out-loud only because of the community we created. There was no judgement; only love and recognition that all of us were broken people struggling together as Christian women. We became a support system for one another; praying for each other, encouraging each other, and never letting any of us fall by the wayside. Never did I imagine – nearly two years later – what God would do with our stories. Now, after a weekend of encore performances, a revival this past fall, and our most recent performance in a local church, we are headed to the New York Fringe Festival in August, where we will be able to share our stories beyond the city of Boston.

But we can’t do it alone. The most important thing I’ve learned through this process is that community is essential. So I invite you to be a part of ours. Do you want to be part of this extraordinary once in a lifetime opportunity? Do you want to touch the lives of countless individuals? Our stories need to be heard. Their stories need to be heard. Maybe your story is here; it needs to be heard. Donate now to help us raise enough money to take this beyond the walls of the church and into the hearts and the homes of those who need to be a part of The Bible Women’s Project.