Dear Keys on My Front Seat


To my dearest keys,

I don’t think I’ve told you enough how important you have been to me on this particular vacation adventure. You have helped me open packages, lock my doors and turn on my car. You have given me the ability to listen to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack on repeat throughout this three day drive. You conveniently clip to my hip so that we are never parted. Until this day…

We made it to our destination in Minnesota with no problem. We drove deep into the night, stopping only at around 4am because exhaustion finally consumed us. We arrived to the church in one piece! And then, I abandoned you. I had gotten out of TAZ (my car) to go into the church when I realized that TAZ would heat up from the afternoon sun. So I climbed back inside and put up my heat shield visor. I carefully avoided knocking over the dinosaurs on my dash, and then got out of the car. I shut the door and realized that you were missing from my belt loop. I glanced in the window and saw you on my front seat. How could I be so reckless in my actions?! So I pulled on the handle. Nothing happened. I pulled again. And then I proceeded to try to pull every handle on every door.  Nothing. I had made it this far, only to lock my keys in the car.

So, I called AAA and sheepishly admitted to locking my precious keys in the front seat of the car. Within the hour, assistance arrived. He pried the door open just enough to put in a piece of wire to try to unlock the doors. But the sun was glaring in the window and the locking mechanisms weren’t cooperating. So he decided to go fishing for you, my keys, laying so innocently on my seat. He hooked you and brought you up to the tiny opening in the door. But the carabiner was too thick to get through! So, he got a smaller piece of wire, like a coat hanger with a tiny  hook on the end. And carefully he was able to free the car key enough so that I could unlock my doors.

Being reunited with you was such an amazing feeling. I promised you I would never let you leave my side again. Because, I never want again to have to write a letter to the keys on my front seat again.


An Apologetic Traveler

To Boldly Go!

To boldly go…where I have never gone before: into the realm of blogging.  I have said over and over again that I was going to eventually start a blog.   As I transition out of school and move forward into what will surely be an interesting summer, I want a place to share my adventures, my thoughts and my stories.  There is never a dull moment in my life, and now I finally have a platform to share it with someone.  Hopefully these stories will make you laugh, bring you encouragement, call you to action to change the world or maybe just be the thing you needed to put a smile on your face.  My hope is to share my tiny perspective of the world with you, and in return learn yours.  So, here is to new beginnings, exploration and adventure, and boldly blogging!